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Influencers help Biden 2020 get out the vote

The Challenge

From social justice protests and rife misinformation to a global pandemic — the 2020 Presidential election was unprecedented. The Biden for President campaign faced two key threats to voter turnout: uncertainty and lack of motivation.

Although Biden garnered a high volume of social conversation, our research showed “Biden stands for” accounted for only <1% of discussion. To inspire voters, we needed to increase awareness of Biden’s platform and connect with them on key issues.

Anxious about casting in-person ballots during a pandemic and skeptical about alternative voting methods amidst rampant allegations of election fraud, people needed accurate information from trustworthy voices.

We had to educate voters and instill confidence in their choice of voting method.

Our Solution

To reach our key target audiences, particularly voters in battleground states and from Black and Latino/Latina communities, we needed to engage influencers as authentic messengers who voters could trust.

Through social listening, media analysis, and secondary research, we learned why people were hesitant of Biden and gauged awareness of alternative voting methods.

Our robust demographic and psychographic research helped us build and vet an extensive influencer list, with a particular focus on voices who would resonate with young, Black and Latino/Latina voters.

We compared attributes like voting history, social audiences, message resonance, and any red flags against key issues to further hone our outreach strategy.

We provided facts that were easy to understand and broadened discussions about alternative voting methods so people could feel safe and confident with their choice. Our focus on non-paid influencer activation was supported by sharing customized creative assets and Safe Voting kits that influencers could publish across their social media handles.

We activated an extensive network of A-list influencers who were passionate about the issues at stake to convince their audiences that Biden deserved their vote.


The messages influencers delivered reached the hearts of voters across the nation. The rest is history — we helped get #46 into the Oval Office.

90 different influencers joined the movement and created 230 social media posts, shattering our initial KPI of 125 posts. In total, they garnered 2.1M+ Engagements and 300M+ Impressions.

Reaching voters in battleground states and key voting groups

21% of activated influencers had above-average reach among one of the battleground states, 19% of influencers had above-average reach among Latino/Latina audiences, 17% with Black audiences.

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Influencers help Biden 2020 get out the vote

Using data-driven strategy and a star-studded roster to get #46 in the White House.