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Our People


The people make the place. Our unique perspectives, unrivaled curiosity, and respect for each other is what drives us to build better work. 

We believe everyone has a vital role to play in delivering on our commitments to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. Work this important takes full support and it doesn’t rest only on the shoulders of our underrepresented team members or the leadership team. We have diversity of thought woven into every initiative. 

From bringing client work to life, to celebrating and educating each other — our team shows up. 

Our People

  • Most Slack messages sent.

  • Loudest typer at M+M.

  • Retired Englishman.


SVP, Executive Creative Director

  • Summer baby.

  • Fake outdoor girl.

  • Never without a device.

  • Always thinking about food.

  • Thrill (and chill) seeker.

  • Llamas 4 life.


Senior Content Strategist

  • Daydreamer.

  • Cooks every day.

  • Cucumber blueberry martini fanatic.

  • Issa Rae stan.



Art Director

  • A freak in the (Google) sheets.

  • D&D Encyclopedia.

  • New music junkie.

  • Cat dad.


SVP, Director of Business Intelligence

  • An 11 out of 10.

  • Professional reader.

  • Alien Superstar.

  • Family First.

  • Pop Culture Historian.

  • Multiple Beverages Always.


Lead Strategist

  • Dry humor.

  • Neurodivergent.

  • Surprisingly good dancer.


Senior Copy Editor

  • Cat parent.

  • LGBTQIA+ rights advocate.

  • Paints with Bob Ross.

  • Vegetarian.

  • Taylor Swift adorer.

  • Misses Twitter.


Junior Content Coordinator

  • Pop culture enthusiast.

  • Yogi.

  • Pasta aficionado.


Lead Planner

  • Sweet tooth.

  • Iced coffee girl.

  • Amateur chef.

  • Aspiring dog mom.


Account Executive

  • Taller than you.

  • Just here for the zip-line.

  • Subtitles on.

  • Adam Sandler wardrobe.

  • Q-Tips & K-cups.

  • Music is music to his ears.



  • Neurodivergent advocate.

  • Chronically online.

  • Almost British.

  • Fidget toy collector.

  • Here for the vibes.


SVP & Senior Partner, Managing Director

  • DMV Beyhive President.

  • “Yes, chef!”

  • Rich auntie.

  • Princess.

  • Baddie with a brain.

  • Justice for Leo women.


Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Olipop’s #1 fan

  • Washed-up softball player

  • In my Kindle-era

  • Hedgehog momager

  • Fluent in Spongebob quotes


Senior Account Executive

  • World traveler.

  • Dog lover.

  • Trivia nerd.

  • Amateur baker.


Lead Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Swiftie.

  • Cool mom.

  • Avid gardener.

  • Loves fresh school supplies.

Caroline D.

Lead Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Pisces ascendant.

  • Ski lift Slack queen.

  • Plant propagator.

  • Horse girl.

  • Bibliophile.

  • Here for “it”.

Caroline H.

Vice President, Client Experience Lead

  • Globetrotter.

  • Mental health advocate.

  • Plant parent.

  • Wearer of headbands.

  • The Organized One.


Vice President, Director of Google Account Operations

  • Rhyming wordsmith.

  • LaCroix connoisseur.

  • Left lane driver.

  • Uni and unagi lover.

  • Curtis.


Content Specialist & Copywriter

  • Math version of Bob Ross.

  • Dual spec Fire/Arcane mage.

  • Silliest of the geese.

  • Here and queer.

  • AI overlord.


Lead Machine Learning Data Engineer

  • Dog mom.

  • Foodie.

  • Explorer.

  • Cookie monster.

  • Stars Hollow resident

  • “Livin’ for the hope of it all”


Account Supervisor, Project Management Operations