Does conversation matter? - Methods+Mastery
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Does conversation matter?

We’ve all been there. Paralysis by analysis. TFW you have all the data you can dream of at your fingertips, but there’s no way to gain any insight or form a strategy from it. You dream of this conversation happening –

Marketing Team: How is the brand doing?

You: We got a billion impressions, and a million engagements, and lots of clicks…??

At Methods+Mastery, we get it. Oftentimes, more data = more problems, especially when you have to explain nuances to others who may have not touched a tweeter a day in their life. That’s where the M+M brand health tracking methodology comes in.

How many times have you asked or have been asked:

How are we performing on social? Is our brand healthy? Is our brand influential? How does our audience feel about us? Which influencers are right for us? How does our reputation compare to the industry? Are we gaining trust among consumers?

What we hope to accomplish with any form of measurement is apply what we know about the business to better understand:

  • The Brand
  • Who we are or aspire to be
  • Key Audiences
  • Their needs, wants, and pain points
  • Trends
  • New ideas that help us get better
  • Impact
  • An understanding of what’s working

There are a lot of metrics we can derive meaning from, but they can be difficult to synthesize.

At M+M, we blend the most meaningful metrics into something simple that can be tracked over time. We developed brand health tracking scores to bridge the gap between traditional social metric reporting and the overall health of the brand.

A brand health score enables a common language, consistency, benchmarking, and more, across your teams.

The nuts and bolts of a social score are much like any other part of strategy and measurement. The first step it to align business needs with the metrics that are meaningful. Once metrics are chosen, the process of calculation and scale begin so that the output is easy to understand for all parties.

A finished social score combines all of those meaningful metrics into one number on a simple scale (e.g. 0-100). While this provides simplicity, without analysis the number is just as meaningless as a list of 10 metrics. With this score in hand Methods+Mastery can help you understand, teach, and correctly contextualize the impact of your marketing efforts on producing the desired conversation about your brand.

Marketing Team: How is the brand doing?

You: We’re up 5 points today.